audio: Sonic Stops

Sonic Stops allows listeners to trace a musical geography of Leeds, following the route of two existing bus journeys crossing South to North and West to East.

Through two soundscape compositions spanning the length of the bus journeys, you’ll move in real-time through musical ‘stops’ immersing you in some of the music styles, places and stories featured in the Abbey House Museum ‘Sounds of Our City’ exhibition.

Making use of audio from the archive as well as new collaborations with local musicians, the soundscapes weave together music, speech and atmospheric sounds to create a continuous journey and leave the listener curious to discover more. I worked on this project with Verity Watts as part of Better Songs Productions. A Music:Leeds Launchpad Commission.

You can listen to the soundscape I produced on this page or listen to both soundscapes and read more about the project on the Better Songs website.

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